The Images of God

I want to talk about one of my favorite worship songs and why it is one of my favorites. “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan (everyone always thinks Crowder wrote it) is by far one of my favorite songs. Not because of the music; not because of the melody; not because of the emotion; because of the IMAGES! Have you ever just read the lyrics?? Seriously, right now leave this post and go read OUT LOUD the lyrics, then come back and finish reading this post.


This is how worship music should be written! You don’t have to sing it (which I’m sure you did), you don’t have to hear the music, you don’t have to have anything else influence the image you get when reading the imagery. We can finally experience the understanding of what love is! A picture is painted of a catastrophic collision of compassion! Our entire soul moves with the mighty winds of mercy, We sink within the seas of grace. We are engulfed by the glory of His greatness! When a picture is painted with words we begin to experience and feel that passion and pursuit of God.

Next time you sing a worship song think through the words you are singing. Does it paint a picture for you to move and take action?


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